The collective SolMiRé (SOLidarity MIgrants REfugiés) is a 100% voluntary collegial association which helps migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in Besançon and its surroundings.

As such, SolMiRé has taken on several missions:
- They search for accommodation and hosting solutions,
- They guarantee decent living conditions for migrants awaiting solutions and answers.
- They carry out legal actions for the defense of rights,
- They denounce the violation of the fundamental rights of migrants and refugees, namely the rights of children, the right to housing, and the right to health.
- They promote the solidarity, mutual aid and conviviality which are specific to intercultural exchanges within society (e.g.: hosting picnics in public places, submitting press releases),
- They support migrants in their social, professional, and cultural integration,
- They provide access to educational support for schooled migrants.
The collective group carries out all these missions thanks to the generosity of its donors and volunteers.

In the words of Dub inc

During our concert in Dijon, in May 2022, we invited the group Mystical Faya as an opening act. We wanted to donate the profits from this concert to several solidarity projects, so we asked Mystical Faya to recommend an association from Besançon and its surroundings, where they come from. This is how they redirected us to SolMiRé. We could relate to the actions carried out by the association, so we made a donation to support them in their approach.