Epi'Campus opened its doors in 2015. The team of volunteers fight against student precariousness by providing food aid to students in difficulty. They are entitled to one free weekly packed lunch made up of fruit, vegetables, carbs or even hygiene products. Epi'Campus also organizes events to get to know the beneficiaries better and create a space of conviviality around the association. The activities undertaken include game nights or cultural outings.

In the words of Dub inc

During our tours, we meet many students who come to see us in concert, it is a "world" to which we are very connected. We were already very sensitive to the difficulties of students in their daily lives, but seeing the images broadcast on the networks during the covid period motivated us to try to do something. We therefore contacted two student associations (Agoraé in Saint-Étienne and Épicampus in Dijon) to donate part of the profits from our show at La Vapeur in Dijon in May 2022.