The AGORAÉ of Saint-Étienne is a space for exchange and solidarity articulated around a student grocery store and a living space, managed entirely by the FASEE (Fédération des Associations de Saint-Étienne).
Aimed at all students in precarious situations, this social and solidarity grocery store aims to allow students to obtain food, hygiene or cleaning basic necessities easily and at very low cost. A living space also welcomes students, with board games, books, entertainment, tea and coffee!
To be able to become a beneficiary, you will need to complete an application file. It can be downloaded from the Saint-Étienne AGORAÉ Facebook website or can be picked up in hard copy directly from the solidarity grocery store.
It should be noted that this project is a national initiative led by the FAGE (Federation of General Student Associations). There are currently 34 AGORAÉ in France!

In the words of Dub inc

Throughout our tours, we meet many students who come to see us in concert, in fact we have always been very closely connected to the student world. We were already very sensitive to the difficulties of students in their daily lives, but watching reports on social media about how students experienced the previous lockdowns motivated us to try and do something.
We contacted two student associations (Agoraé in Saint-Étienne and Épicampus in Dijon) to donate part of the profits from our concert at La Vapeur in Dijon in May 2022.