Règles élémentaires is a French association that fights against menstrual precariousness, and the taboo of menstruation.

Collect & Redistribute

Règles élémentaires' first mission is to allow everyone to organise their own collection of sanitary pads. We then ensure the redistribution via our partner associations throughout France.

Raising awareness

Raising awareness is an essential, important mission to our charity. One of our objectives is to break the taboo of menstruation, and this goes through speech, education, and information. Through workshops, events or content creation, we put our expertise at the service of raising awareness.

Rallying public opinion

To change the rules, you have to change mentalities and the laws! Through our advocacy actions and by speaking out, we contribute to moving the lines for greater equality.

In the words of Dub inc

While we can't remember how we first heard about the charity, we had been meaning to support them in one way or another. Beyond the fact that we liked their approach, we found it interesting that a male band like ours tackled the subject of menstrual precariousness. We were able to support the organisation by donating the profits from the sale of cups during our show at the Aréna de Bordeaux in 2022.