Ambérieu en Bugey (Ain, France)

The actions of the association Collectes et Partages are essentially devoted to helping deprived children in Senegal through 3 main objectives:
* Food: fighting against malnutrition,
* Education: fighting against illiteracy, renovating and assisting with the creation of classrooms,
* Assistance with nurseries.
The actions of Collectes & Partages aspire to favor long term aid as much as possible.

In the words of Dub inc

We got to know about this association through Karine and Laurent, whom we have met regularly at our concerts for a few years. Education and schooling, their main objectives, are very important to us and in the end it was quite natural to provide our support. Especially since the transparency they show, especially through the photos they send us regularly, is very appreciable, it makes things concrete for us.