Snowboarders Of Solidarity

Snowboarders from around the world have come together through Snowboarders Of Solidarity to help young Afghan snowboarders escape death threats and immediate danger in their home country, in the face of the recent Taliban takeover.
Members of the Afghan Snowboard Team were able to flee the country. Some have been given asylum in Canada, the United States, Germany and Sweden, but others are still waiting in third countries for their visa to be accepted, including 7 people in Pakistan.

These young refugee athletes (between 18 and 25 years old), women and men, defenders of women's rights and human rights through sport and education, had to leave everything behind: their family, friends, studies, savings.

Thanks to their shared passion, the charity has implemented a follow-up in order to support them in their administrative procedures. They also provide them with daily support by paying for accommodation and food.

In the words of Dub inc

Zigo (Dub inc's drummer) learned about this initiative while listening to Victor Diavet's interview on the Les Baladeurs podcast. Everyone in the band was deeply moved by the journey of the young Afghan snowboarders and the determination of the whole Snowboarders Of Solidarity team, so we decided to support them in their fight.