SOS Méditerranée is a European civil society organization for search and rescue operations on the high seas. It was founded in 2015 by citizens wishing to act and put an end to shipwrecks in the central Mediterranean.
The organization pursues three missions: to save lives, to protect survivors, and to bear witness to the situation at sea. Its foundations are based on fundamental human rights, maritime law, and duty to rescue, beyond international and national regulatory policies.
SOS Méditerranée has organized rescue operations by chartering the Aquarius (until December 2018) and Ocean Viking vessels (from 2019).

In the words of Dub inc

We became aware of the existence of SOS Méditerranée back in 2017. The courage and urgency of their actions moved and impressed us tremendously, so we met them at their premises in Marseille to better understand and testify to their involvement in the field.
The idea of ​​a collective tune bringing together part of the French and European reggae scene allowed us to help raise awareness of the association, which still needs to communicate about its work and its role in the ongoing humanitarian crisis to wider audiences. All the artists have accepted that the profits generated by the song go entirely to SOS Méditerranée, which has allowed us to perpetuate our relationship and our support over the long term.

In 2019, we also organized a support concert with Jahneration at La Vapeur in Dijon, and we regularly invite SOS Méditerranée during our tours to allow them to communicate with our public.
Since 2019, we have donated €40,000 to SOS Méditerranée thanks to the benefit concert in Dijon and especially thanks to the collective song "À travers les vagues". The video alone has generated €29,500 in revenue, donated to the association since its release in February 2019.