St Jans Cappel (59), France

MakiGo is an international participatory network at the service of wildlife. The association was founded in 2017 with four specific objectives in mind:
"SUPPORTING biodiversity through our various campaigns and missions,
RAISING AWARENESS as much as possible, and making our way of existing evolve into a way of coexisting,
GIVING opportunities to act concretely in endangered ecosystems,
REPRESENTING a source of information for the international community sharing our values."

In the words of Dub inc

Back in 2018, we received an email which was the starting point of our connection. We later met with Nathanaël and Alex at the Festival Fête Du Bruit de Landerneau in 2019; we are now regularly in touch, and are impressed by the motivation and professionalism of the members of the association, in particular on the feedback from their actions. So we have decided to help them on a regular basis with a donation.