Planfoy (42), France

A collective group was founded in the village of Planfoy (8 km from Saint Etienne) following the arrival of the Mile family from Albania. After their asylum application was rejected in November 2018, the family found themselves on the street, hence the need to look for sponsors to provide them with a roof over their heads.
The collective group works to support this family in its administrative procedures and to meet certain material or housing needs. The family participates fully in local life by volunteering with the Secours Populaire, helping for example with the manufacture of masks; the children are enrolled in school and the village crèche.

In the words of Dub inc

Jérémie, our guitarist, is from the village of Planfoy - that's where he grew up and still lives. He necessarily feels close to local initiatives.
Knowing the actors of the collective group, and being sensitive to this support system, he naturally offered to contribute. No reason to refuse.