Saint-Étienne (42), France

The Chappe School-Museum is a very atypical school from Saint-Etienne, with an original and daring project: to bring urban art back into the school, and to involve artists (visual artists, musicians, street artists, etc.) and children to the joint creation of a "museum" school. This public establishment, which brings together a real social mix within a popular district of Saint-Étienne, has succeeded in making itself known thanks to the intervention of many artists who have been able to create works around projects with the students. For 4 years, more than 25 national and international artists have passed through the Chappe School-Museum and left more than 85 works there.

In the words of Dub inc

The idea of conveying a message, sharing ideas around art and concrete creation within the classes really pleased the members of Dub Inc who wanted to participate in their own way, alongside the educational team. The interest is also to participate in local actions close to us.
A few classes therefore worked on a text and a song by the group, "Exil", around its instrumental background but also its message, so that the musicians would then come and spend a day with the children, discuss the piece with them, listen to their interpretation, and finally, give a small performance for all.