Abomey, Bénin

The school support collective group in Abomey is made up of volunteers who have come together since 2013 to continue and perpetuate the schooling support work initiated by Renée Zohou.
The goal is to identify young people from primary schools to university around their academic abilities but with financial difficulties that would prevent them from continuing a course up to their results.
This is how, for almost 10 years, around ten young students have been followed, sometimes on a long-term basis, to help them cover their tuition fees (school materials, enrollment in higher education, student housing, etc.).

In the words of Dub inc

Komlan, one of the two singers of Dub inc, is from the region of Abomey in Benin and is the son of the initiator of this approach to help with schooling, which the collective continues today.
It was important for him to raise awareness and involve the band, which definitely relates to the values ​​of education and support promoted by the collective group.
Since 2014, Dub inc has participated financially each year and provided direct assistance, according to the needs of each supported child. This allowed us to follow the progress and success of young Beninese kids in their school curriculum over several years.